Work with a Brodybuilding Coach for a 16-week period to get ready for an upcoming event. Whether you are preparing for a competition, a wedding, a vacation, or a photoshoot. We will get you there with our methods.


$ 2000
  • 16 Weeks


Elsa before physical training coaching
Elsa after physical training coaching
before brodybuilding fitness
After brodybuilding fitness


Work with a Brodybuilding coach on aligning all lifestyle elements, which will lead you to improved health and better well-being overall. Exercise, nutrition and recovery factors are all necessary discussions to optimize your physiology.


$ 600
  • 1 Month of Coaching


$ 3000
  • 6 Months of Coaching

All prices before taxes in CAD. Naturopathy receipts available upon request (Quebec only). 


Training Program

Training Program + 1h demo -- $130

Training Session

In-person training session (Montreal only)

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11 Reasons Why My Clients Prefer Working With me

1. Your coaching relationship is always with me.

You will always work with me directly at all times. Coaching works best when you can trust your coach. It’s impossible for us to build any of that trust if I start the relationship with you only to hand it off to some junior employee later.

2. You’ll never have to start over with someone new.

If you were to move to a new country, change gyms or have your local trainer bail on you for a new opportunity, you’d probably have to start from scratch with someone new. But thanks to the Internet and our Fitness Coaching Services, you can count on me to always be there as your coach for as long as you’d like.

3. You’ll get a full roadmap to guide you to success.

I take care of all the planning for you. That means training, diet, cardio and supplement recommendations are covered. When things need to be modified, we modify together. I’ve got your back.

4. I won’t force you to do any one exercise.

A lot of coaches are incredibly rigid with how they train their clients. It’s “do this or die”. But in my observations, that doesn’t always work out so great. It’s important to be able to troubleshoot and pivot when needed. That’s why if you absolutely dislike something about your workouts or feel that something should be tweaked, I want you to be forward about it. We can always find another exercise to target those muscle.

5. I will tailor your diet to fit whatever life throws your way.

You might decide to go vegan or move to another country where the food selection is radically different from what you’re usually used to. If that ever happens, no sweat! I’ll figure out a meal plan that you’re your closer to your goal. I’ve done it a bunch of times for existing clients.

6. You don’t need a gym membership to get results with me.

Whether you’re stuck at home due to quarantine or would rather do your training outdoors, I’ll make it work for you.

7. You can message me with all your questions.

If you’ve got any questions or something about the plan isn’t feeling right, you can hit me up any day or time with your questions. And as a rule: You’re never allowed to feel like you’re annoying me. Ever. Assuming I’m not asleep or training someone in-person, you’ll hear back from me ASAP (otherwise, within 24H guaranteed).

8. You’ll never have to overthink things ever again.

I’ll handle all the calculations (calories, macronutrients and all), details and plan updates across the board for you – including your training, nutrition, cardio and supplement recommendations. Basically, the less you’re worrying about that stuff–the more mental energy you’ll have for putting towards your performance (and getting to your results faster).

9. You’ll have an easy time accessing your files & tracking everything.

I use the EliteTrainr coaching app with all my clients. In it, you’ll be able to track everything and upload your progress (including your pictures). You’ll also be able to reference all your plans (both past and current).

10. I will get you results.

(But only if you do the work and follow the plan!) I have a track record of getting people in their best shape. My coaching system is proven and it’s ultimately why people stick around as long-time clients.

11. I am just like you.

Seriously. I don’t have any crazy DNA to thank for how I got to where I am. I just worked hard and followed the plan. Consistently. That’s all. And the best part? It works. It worked for me. It works for my clients. And it’ll work for you too.